Be On Purpose.
Be Magnanimous.

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Be On Purpose.
Be Magnanimous.

Magnanimous: (dictionary def, latin definition, great soul)

What makes a great soul? A great leader, manager, parent friend or life partner? What are the attributes and characteristics that compel us to follow and be inspired by some and not others? At the core of great leaders, great people, is authenticity, self-respect, self-awareness, self-responsibility and confidence. They are good at what they do, they are real, they care about us and their company, and we know it. Magnanimous leaders understand their impact on others, manage their identity under pressure and in work and client relationships have the ability to create environments of ease.

Great hearts achieve great things.

Magnanimous is a new way to think about your organization and management style, recognizing purpose and people as your driving force, and productivity and profit as your destination outcome. A unique, unified approach builds lucrative and meaningful organizations with great heart and great purpose.

By the time you make a policy, you already have a problem.

Too often, organizations are locked into beliefs and limitations that create stagnation, mediocrity and silo thinking. These become barriers to optimal results and your best success. Sometimes these beliefs are rigidly focused on competencies, productivity and profit. For others, an unwavering focus on caring, higher purpose and people hinders measurable, significant outcomes. What if both “camps” are right, and can learn from each other? Maybe it’s about being an “And” organization instead of an “Or” organization!

You can have it all!

A Magnanimous organization is a balanced organization. When out of balance, organizations experience friction, conflict, loss of momentum, and stakeholder dissatisfaction. At this point, some organizational cultures run to the spreadsheets to crunch and analyze, while others avoid the bank statements and try to keep the core purpose alive. Every organization gets stuck in some form of survival mode sometimes. By harnessing the best attributes of competency-driven, and caring-driven organizations, Magnanimous powerfully bridges this duality of our modern business success paradigm.

Be a purpose-driven organization

When we shift our beliefs from an “Or” organization, to an “And” organization, we become an “On Purpose” organization, discovering a place of both generosity and expectation. We achieve a state of grace that is both humble and confident, with a new perspective on prosperity.

The result is a more amicable workplace built on long-term solutions and tools for moving through problems quicker and easier. A purpose-driven, more meaningful experience for staff, customers and stakeholders breaks through barriers to optimal productivity and profitable results. A Magnanimous organization is a workplace others look up to for inspiration with a purpose that is as connected to the bottom line, as it is to its positive impact in the world.

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Jeffrey Chant, B.A., M.Div, M.Ed

Jeff is known as a thoughtful, engaging presenter and a compassionate coach who closes the gaps between seemingly separate worlds with his deep understanding of both the human condition and his strategic business focus. Drawing on his experience in pastoral psychology and education combined with his years as an international corporate executive and consultant, Jeff encourages us to accept that we prosper when we are both people and profit focused. In a unique way, Jeff works with organizations to connect them to their people and purpose as much as their bottom line.

With 20 year’s experience leading, advising and coaching to a range of organizations and companies, Jeff instills the required clarity for results and accountability as well as a culture of care and compassion.

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Jeffrey Chant is one of the most engaging facilitators I know. His laid-back approach during his sessions both engage and enable a space for the group to learn and hone in on the skills needed to foster a top-functioning company. His practical tools allow the group to immediately change their workflow to help the organization function the way it should. I highly recommend Jeff!

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