Jeff Chant, Your Prosperity Architect

The Source of your performance pain is not your people It's your perspective

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Jeff Chant, Your Prosperity Architect

The Source of your performance pain is not your people. It's your perspective

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What We Do

"The business of business is inspiring people to achieve great results"

We work with individuals and organizations to create an understanding that high performance is only created when you integrate highly skilled and competent people with a character of care.

The solution to our performance pain is magnanimity – integrating our capacity and caring by bringing our humanity to work. It begins with awareness of ourselves and how we’re impacting others (and not only how they are impacting us or the bottom line). The big-picture objective is to close the gap between the profit-focused and people-focused parts of our business (more typically, the hard and soft sides of operations and services).

Our Solutions

All our solutions are designed to help individuals and organizations understand how to bring their humanity to work and propel organizational prosperity by closing the gap between profit and people. Often we find ourselves and organizations in a place of mediocrity and survival with a desire to thrive and create prosperity. Using a combination of basic neuroscience, human psychology and smart business, we encourage organizational and self-awareness as the beginning point to creating an integrated and balanced organization of great capacity and great care.

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The "And" Organization

For organizations that recognize they have been trading a focus on people for profits, are finding themselves in a survival mindset, or are wanting to engage their people in a new way that inspires results.

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The "And" Individual

For managers and leaders who want to understand their impact on others, how they can truly influence and engage their team and are ready to prosper at work

Shift Your Perspective

By shifting our perspective to focus on care for others, we create a workplace that leads to GREATER performance and profitability

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Shift Your Perspective

By shifting our perspective to focus on care for others, we create a workplace that leads to GREATER performance and profitability

Some of the clients we have had the pleasure to work with

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My group of companies has had excellent experiences working with Jeff in his capacity as a business consultant and a results oriented coach. He was a change agent and became a trusted advisor. I would highly recommend him to any organization looking to effectively implement an innovative approach that stimulates thought, seeks solutions and compels action.

-Aaron Smith
Interim Chief Executive at Regulatory Authority Bermuda

Jeffrey Chant is one of the most engaging facilitators I know. His laid-back approach during his sessions both engage and enable a space for the group to learn and hone in on the skills needed to foster a top-functioning company. His practical tools allow the group to immediately change their workflow to help the organization function the way it should. I highly recommend Jeff!

- Jonathan Munn
Strategic Communications and Digital Marketing Professional at Huron University

Jeff and I have worked together on and of since the turn of the century. He's professional, highly skilled, and memorably good fun to work with - which is very important. I'm always confident when I'm working with Jeff; he has sound business judgement, an original eye for what needs to change, and a strong professional code.

-Rachel Pryor CMCC, FRSA, DipFA
Corporate Culture, Leadership Coaching and Conflict Resolution

Jeff brings unique insights to the development and deployment of leadership strategies, and has demonstrated an ability to provide specific recommendations to break through traditional barriers to effective interpersonal relationships. Jeff uses vivid examples to illustrate his points, and when coupled with strong insights into corporate performance metrics, this results in practical recommendations for positive change within an organization.

-Tim Radke, P.Eng.
Product Development at Nureva