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Maybe Our “People Problems” Aren’t A Problem With People After All

AS A MANAGER, IS YOUR PERFORMANCE PAIN IMMEDIATELY ATTRIBUTED TO A PERSON OR GROUP OF PEOPLE? A few months into my role as an executive VP, I had finally hired the perfect administrative assistant. Sarah was professional, mature and had an impressive work history. I was sure she would help me organize my work, make … Read more

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Results or Just Busy?

Ask a leader what they do in a day and they will give you a list, ask what they are trying to deliver and their lack of clarity becomes evident Have you ever noticed that some people can be really busy but achieve very little? In fact, some days I am one of them! It … Read more

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The Power Of Presence

“Presence cannot be seen, touched or heard but allows authentic connection with clients, colleagues and others that is transformative” Have you ever been with an individual whom you knew was totally present to your conversation or need? A connection occurs that is powerful!  Unfortunately, it is also rare.  That is because when we show up … Read more

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How Pressure Keeps Us From Caring

There is ever increasing body of research that suggests that in order to have more productive employees, engaged customers and higher retention that managers/leaders need to genuinely (Drumroll please)… about them! Why is it so hard to care for others at work and why do we tend to de-emphasize it so much? Mantras stated or unstated … Read more

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Would you want to work for you? Why caring counts.

I spent the early part of my career as professional minister with a strong focus on pastoral counseling and psychology. Most of us acknowledge that talking to someone about our challenges, the most intimate details of our lives, even, requires we trust and feel cared for by the other. We need to feel understood, heard … Read more

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Why Businesses That Are Purpose-Driven Come Out on Top

Running a business with a larger purpose in mind is one way companies are motivating employees to work harder and stick around. There’re many rewards to business ownership (other than money), from the freedom of being your own boss to the pride that comes from having changed your market by providing a better service. For … Read more